Silk Screened Wristbands

When you need to include a detailed logo or other design, choose silk-screened wristbands. The silk screen printing process allows us to print any image around the band, as long as it fits. Your design can be anything; from a company logo to a custom message to a special background, such as the digital camo featured on the wristband below. Instead of engraving, we print your design right onto the band. However, please be aware that the silk screen print might not last as long as the color filled wristbands do. Don't let that stop you though -- silk screened wristbands are the best choice for when you need to include a highly detailed design!

Wristband Length

All sizes are the same price.

  • Youth:
  • 7" Circumference (180mm)
  • Standard:
  • 8" Circumference (202mm)
  • Large:
  • 8.25" Circumference (210mm)

Special New Years Pricing In Effect

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