Micro Wristbands

Our micro wristbands are a hit with schools and non-profit organizations as part of their fundraising efforts! Due to their extra small size, many people choose to wear multiple bands at once, often in different colors. Micro wristbands are half the size of the standard bands, yet are still able to feature a custom design. Since these bands are too small to engrave, the only style we are able to offer is silk-screened. However, this means you can include extra detail in your design at no extra expense. Many of our customers who choose these smaller bands will order multiple colors to offer some variety to anyone who wants to wear more than one wristband. For a small and effective way to raise funds or promote a business, choose micro wristbands!

Wristband Length

All sizes are the same price.

  • Youth:
  • 7" Circumference (180mm)
  • Standard:
  • 8" Circumference (202mm)
  • Large:
  • 8.25" Circumference (210mm)

Special New Years Pricing In Effect

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